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You will learn everything you need to know to break into the permanent make-up industry.
Change your life and start an amazing new career with one of the leading authorities in training of permanent makeup – GK Academy! You do not need to have any prior experience or a beauty background but must have a steady hand and the will to succeed. The course will take you from complete novice to a fully confident, certified practitioner in PMU Eyebrow procedures. You will learn everything you need to know to break into the permanent make-up industry. 
This PMU Eyebrow training course has a good balance of theory and practical modules on both practice: materials and real live models. Learn how to create flawless hairstroke eyebrows and ombre “pixel touch” eyebrows, either “mix touch” techniques for your clients. Our PMU of eyebrows course covers both the art of ombre and hairstroke techniques (working by machine and manual tool).
The course consists of theory and practice.
Theory with Powerpoint Presentation;
Consent forms;
Colour Theory & Pigment selection;
Clinic set up and local council requirements;
Measuring & Drawing brows in workbook;
Shape of eyebrows and the secrets of fast drawing;
Style and image, how to sense the personality of your client and make unique exclusive look;
Pigments, needles and machines - what to choose and how to use;
Manual tool and machine set up;
Practice on imitation leather;
Work on different skin type (including work with oily skin);
Step by step planning of treatment;
Demonstration of PMU brow procedure by lecturer;
Full Consultation and consent forms with students with models;
Students do live models;
Common mistakes;
Advertising and Marketing Skills;
Questions and Answers.
Our Courses are fully official and we are fully licensed as a training academy.
After the courses we will give you an international CERTIFICATE certified by the Ministry of Education and Science.
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Permanent makeup

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Permanent makeup

Permanent makeup

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Your future awaits you at GK Academy. Your career will be filled with unlimited potential, one that can take you among the elite, in directions that are only dreamt of and holds the possibility to make you a confident, successful professional. As a professional eyelash and brows artist, you will play a important role in the lives of your clients. They will come to rely on you to provide them with ongoing service, enabling them to look and feel their best.