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Eyelash extension EXPERT
EDUCATOR and creator of new technique named ”FEATHER”, eyelash extensions expert with 11 years of international practice, GK Academy educator (10 years), conference speaker and judge. 
Course consist of 5 parts 
Classic Feather 
Classic, Volume techniques for advanced masters
Classic Feather technology and its methodology
Eyelash extensions weight calculations according to the natural eyelashes
Classic Feather filling up percentage
Feather retention
Products and eyelashes used for this technique
Eyelash styling using Classic Feather
Classic Feather attachment points
American Feather
American eyelash extensions and its methodology
American Feather technology and its methodology
Choosing length of eyelashes and analyzing their differences
American Feather weights
Products and eyelashes used for American Feather technique
2D-4D Feather base technique
Eyelash styling using American Feather
American Feather formulas
American Feather attachment points
Ombre Feather
Ombre eyelash extensions and its methodology
Ombre Feather technology and its methodology
Classic Ombre Feather
American Ombre Feather
Vertical Ombre Feather
Horizontal Ombre Feather
Transitional Ombre Feather
Intermediate Ombre Feather
Eyelash styling using Ombre Feather
Ombre Feather attachment points
Feather eyelash extensions formulas
Feather eyelash extensions correction
Eyelash styling using Classic, American and Ombre
Feather Practice
You will learn to apply MORE THAN 60 DIFFERENT "FEATHER" fans variations
2D-4D Feather base technique
3 different double volume fan techniques
AFTER "FEATHER" TECHNIQUE COURSE you will be able to solve all the problems (struggles, troubles) and difficulties of eyelash extensions.
You will receive an international GOLD EXPERT DIPLOMA approved by the Ministry of Education and Science.
Workshop kit INCLUDED (eyelashes for Feather technique)


Meet Our Teacher

Roberta Aršulienė

Roberta Aršulienė

Feather eyelash extensions

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9 Months ago

When I saw the golden EXPERT diploma - IT'S AWESOME! The lessons presented are very informative. This is a top level course.
Thank you Roberta!


11 Months ago

This course is more... than what I wanted. It is wow - I can't believe that I finished it. I have the highest qualification in the world. Now - I am ready for NEW AMAZING CAREER.


11 Months ago

After this course - I am really EXPERT. I can't wait to show all my clients , what can I do with this amazing technique. It is a new opportunity in my career! Yeee


11 Months ago

Thank you so much for this level of training !!! That's incredible!


1 Year ago

Thank you so much Roberta Arsuliene..With your new technique I give to my client - sexy look.


1 Year ago

Its amazing course. Too much information.. Oh, its grate. My clients will be happy.


1 Year ago

This course has been my favorite so far. It has really helped me to become a better master. Thank you!


1 Year ago

The best and highest quality course !


1 Year ago

It is a top quality course. Keep going, we need this type of course to improve our skills in the professional level. Excellent. Thank you.


1 Year ago

There are too many good points to list! The course was very relevant to my job and will help me in most aspects of my work.


1 Year ago

It is a top quality course. Keep going, we need this type of course to improve our skills in the professional level! Excellent. Thank you!


1 Year ago

Wau - very nice DIPLOMA. I am so happy that I learn this new technique - my clients are very happy. Thank you a lot.

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